Alert Logic Cloud Defender 101

Alert Logic Cloud Defender is a fully managed cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions for hybrid IT infrastructure delivered as-a-service. Cloud Defender bundles and delivers Alert Logic products, services, and features into one package.

Alert Logic products

Cloud Defender includes the following products:

  • Alert Logic Threat Manager
  • Alert Logic Log Manager
  • Alert Logic Web Security Manager

Alert Logic services

Cloud Defender includes the following services:

  • Alert Logic ActiveAnalytics
  • Alert Logic ActiveWatch
  • Alert Logic ActiveIntelligence

For more information about Cloud Defender how it works, and how it provides continuous protection, please see Alert Logic Solutions for Managed Cloud Security.

Cloud Defender installation workflow

You can install Alert Logic products in any sequence, but Alert Logic recommends that you install the products in the following order:

  1. Threat Manager
  2. Log Manager
  3. Web Security Manager

To read installation information for all Alert Logic products, see Installation.

Information about agents

Alert Logic provides a single agent to support Threat Manager, Log Manager, and Web Security Manager. For information about agent installation, see About the Alert Logic agents below:

If your Cloud Defender deployment includes Active Watch Premier, you must open outbound port 9000.

Features available to Alert Logic products

The following table illustrates which Alert Logic features, accessible from the drop-down menu at the top of the Alert Logic console, are available to each Cloud Defender product.