Alert Logic Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Google Cloud Platform

After your initial deployment call with Alert Logic, you are ready to create your first Managed WAF instance in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Alert Logic recommends you use its Terraform template for quick, convenient instance creation.

Before you begin

Before you create your first Managed WAF instance on the GCP:

  • Be sure you have a GCP account.
  • Alert Logic must set permissions to allow you access to the GCP Managed WAF image. During your initial deployment call, be sure you provide Alert Logic the email address of your Compute Engine default service account, which Terraform uses in GCP (usually in the format of GCP account number‑
  • Review the Requirements for Alert Logic Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Google Cloud Platform.

This procedure requires that you:

Set up Terraform for use with GCP

To use Terraform to create Managed WAF instances in GCP, you need the following files Alert Logic provided to you.

  • Terraform template file
  • Terraform template variable file

Copy both files to the directory in which you set up the Terraform infrastructure.

Create a credential file

If you have not yet used Terraform for GCP, you must also create a credential file that grants access to your GCP account when you use Terraform to perform actions in your account. For more information about creating this JSON file, see the Terraform documentation for their Google Cloud provider.

Edit the Terraform variable file

The Terraform variable contains parameters the Terraform template passes to GCP to create resources. You must edit the Terraform variable file provided to you during deployment.

In the Terraform variable file, change the default values that appear in the following variables:

  • stackName—Enter the name for the stack you want to create.
  • credentials—Enter the path and file name for the JSON file that contains your GCP credentials.
  • project—Enter the name of the GCP project into which you want to deploy.
  • VPC network—Enter the VPC network name.
  • WSM#Region—Enter the GCP region into which you want to deploy.
  • WSM#Zone—Enter the corresponding GCP zone for the region into which you want to deploy.
  • alertLogicDataCenter—Enter the Alert Logic data center you use, either us-denver, us-ashburn, or uk.


Create a Managed WAF instance

  1. Open a terminal session on your computer.
  2. If this is your first time using Terraform for GCP, type the following command to initialize the plugins and software required to communicate with GCP.
    terraform init
  3. To see a list of resources Terraform will create in your environment, or any changes required for your infrastructure type:
    terraform plan

The expected result is:

Plan: 18 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.
  1. Type the following command to run the Terraform template:
    terraform apply
  2. When prompted, type yes to confirm you want to create the GCP resources specified in the template.

When instance creation completes, log into GCP, and then click Compute Engine > VM Instances to verify the Managed WAF instances appear.

Contact Alert Logic to complete your deployment

After the template creates your resources in GCP, contact Alert Logic to claim your appliance, and assist with https: proxy setup and Managed WAF configuration.

To contact Alert Logic:

  • In the US, call (877) 484-8383 and select the appropriate option.
  • In the EU, call +44 (0) 203 011 5533 and select the appropriate option.