Requirements for Alert Logic Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Google Cloud Platform

Firewall rules

The Terraform template that Alert Logic provided to you sets up the firewall rules when it creates your Managed WAF instances in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). For information about the firewall rules set up for you, see the US firewall rules for Managed WAF or the EU firewall rules for Managed WAF.

Instance type sizes

The following table shows the instance sizes and types that Managed WAF can use in GCP:

Size Instance type
WAF performance
Small n1-standard-1 ~ 20 Mbps
Medium n1-highcpu-4 ~ 100 Mbps
Large n1-highcpu-8 ~ 200 Mbps

The actual web application firewall (WAF) performance for your deployment depends on factors such as request size, complexity, and the ratio of inbound to outbound traffic.

Operating system and browser support

The Alert Logic console supports the current version and the previous major version of the following operating systems and browsers: 

Operating system support Browser support
Mac, Linux, and Windows Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer

Alert Logic cannot guarantee that other browsers and versions will work with its products.

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